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Apr 30, 2020

Today I'll look at why people are always inclined to look at the cup as half full. This approach eliminates two out of three strategies when it comes to the market. One is doing nothing and the second is going short. Wishful thinking eliminates 66 2/3% of one's opportunities.

Apr 29, 2020

Today we will look at an area of investment that if it's on your list for post COVID-19 then you make sure to draw a big line through it and throw it in the garbage. Investments having anything to do with MALLS are CERTAIN DEATH.

Apr 28, 2020

I'll introduce a NEW ELEMENT into the age old debate between fundamental and technical analysis, LIQUIDITY. Livermore said that sometimes "it's best to forget it all and just GO FISHING." Could this be one of those times?

Apr 27, 2020

I will explain a chart that EVERY business person will be facing when we emerge from Covid-19. The DEMAND CURVE dictates how everything will be priced in the future. There is no escape from this basic ECONOMIC PRINCIPLE.

Apr 24, 2020

I simply ask the question WHO or WHAT will you follow in the market? Will you follow the machines or the humans? Because as the machines have been BUYING the past 9 days the humans have been SELLING. There is something to be said for the old axiom: Sell in may and go away.